SpotOption Binary Options Software Review

Spotoption operates a binary options service providing binary options software to trading platforms throughout the world. It was founded in 2008 which, in relative terms, makes it one of the longest-established binary options trading platform software providers available which makes its software both prestigious and highly experienced. Having begun its life during the global economic crisis, and becoming fully-licenced as a regulated binary options company in 2012, it has emerged as one of the most respected sources of software for binary option platforms in the industry. Its reputation as one of the leading behind-the-scenes providers of binary options software has grown from strength-to-strength and, whilst this has become fiercely competitive in recent years, it has managed to stay a cut above the rest in terms of the services that it provides.From a company perspective, SpotOption proves to be a complete solution for those looking for reliable and experienced provider for their binary options platform. Key to its ongoing success has been the introduction of several innovative features which keep it ahead of the rest. SpotOption allows for platforms to diversify and incorporate one touch, 60 second and the popular Option Builder features in to their services. In terms of the sixty second feature alone, this is one of the most in-demand binary options software solutions available.SpotOption has combined this provision of leading features with the development of its innovative and hugely-popular mobile binary options solution. This market-leading platform for both android and iPhone markets demonstrates SpotOption’s commitment to adhere to the demands and expectations of modern binary options traders. Further evidence of its innovation is the rolling out of MT4-integrated binary options before any of its competitors. Platforms that don’t provide the latest trading features simply don’t survive and SpotOption has made sure that this does not happen with its clients by maintaining itself one step ahead of other platforms. This is also the very reason why it provides several of the best binary option platforms with its trading software.Proof of the global authority of SpotOption is its 70% penetration rate of all binary options trading platforms. Within this figure, SpotOption provides binary options software in the form of both ‘white label’ and integrated features and plug-ins. The complete package solution allows platforms to be run entirely through the SpotOption hosted format. This means it has the ability to host all of the features on an independent binary options platform website, taking care of everything from registration to the provision of e-wallets and, of course the binary options markets themselves.From a trader’s perspective, attractive features of the SpotOption binary options software are some of the innovative usability functions. Since some of the biggest binary options platforms are supported by SpotOption, and it has developed a reputation for both clarity and ease of use. Tabs are placed to provide minimum effort in switching between the available types of binary options choices within the platform. A deal with Reuters ensures that SpotOption traders have live access to breaking news from the foremost market data provider. Traders are also helpfully provided with tips and recommendations for their trades by selecting the ‘Top Picks’ selection from the simple navigation bar. This combination of simplicity and functionality makes SpotOption the best binary option platform for novice traders. For more experienced traders, the interface allows fast and efficient navigation through markets and features of the platform. In a world where time is money, this is especially important for those who are looking to trade sixty second binary options.

Features of the SpotOption binary options trading platform:

The Options builder tool

This is an essential and hugely popular feature of the binary options trading platform provided by SpotOption as a standout feature in comparison to its competitors. The Option Builder is an innovative move away from fixed-return binary options, allowing traders the ability to create their own custom risk and reward levels before investing. The tool works with the trader selecting the asset to trade and, depending on the market conditions and their confidence in the trade, the returns can be altered in order to ensure a large or smaller insurance rate on losses. An example of this is purchasing gold binary options within a volatile market. A trader may think that there is a good chance that gold will rise over the next hour but the risk of up to a 90% loss if it expires out of the money may appear too much of a risk. Using the Option Builder feature provided by the SpotOption binary options platform, the trader can lower the returns to, for example, 60% for trades closing in the money in exchange for an increased insurance rate of 35%. This allows complete control and flexibility when traders want to adjust their exposure in trades where risk is higher.

ProTrader feature of SpotOption software

This is an excellent feature for those traders who want to trade using more advanced charts. The ProTrader tool is in-built to all platforms using the SoftOption binary options trading software. For those who look for opportunities using technical analysis, the ProTrader charts provide an excellent alternative to using a third-party charting software package. It is true to say that one of the major criticisms levied at all binary options platforms is the low quality of the charting. The ProTrader feature goes some way to improving this and to moving SpotOption binary options trading software beyond that of its competitors in this respect. Whilst the charting may not yet be as fully developed as those offered by forex trading platforms, SpotOption are certainly leading the way as the foremost binary options platform.

One Touch trading with SpotOption

The one touch feature allows traders to purchase binary options based on price reaching an agreed level during a set period of time. This is essentially a bet on whether or not a trader foresees the level being reached, just once, with the returns on in-the-money payouts being substantially higher than regular binary options. SpotOption software provides this feature to several of the largest binary options trading platforms. This is not only a great tool for new and experienced traders alike, but it is particularly helpful for those who cannot trade during normal market hours. One Touch trading can be executed during the weekend which uniquely makes binary options platforms operate 7 days per week.

Sixty second trading with SpotOption

One of the reasons why traders are flocking from traditional forms of trading to binary options is that they offer one of the fastest ways to generate significant profits. There are very few forms of investment which can return profits of 85% in just 60 seconds but binary options trading allows this thanks to the binary options trading software provided by SpotOption. Due to the fact that binary options do not rely on the degree to which price moves higher or lower than the strike price, a movement of just one tick can result in these profits. Sixty second binary options therefore offers an aggressive trading tool for those who can spot short term opportunities and want to trade rapidly. The provision of sixty second binary options is for those who have experience trading binary options although these markets do also provide a good tool for those trading small stakes to learn how to trade binary options.

Roll over and Double Up features of SpotOption

The rollover is a great tool available on many SpotOption trading platforms. This allows traders who are holding binary options which are ‘out of the money’ to extend the life of the options by up to 30% and therefore increase the possibility of these options closing in the money. Similarly a SpotOption binary options platform will also allow you to double-up on a current position. This means that traders who are holding a position in the money can create another option based on precisely identical conditions and expiry as this in order to increase the winnings from the original trade. Combining both the Roll Over and Double Up feature demonstrates that SpotOption are particularly sensitive to the demands of traders and they have provided solutions for those holding winning and losing positions.Ultimately, SpotOption has managed to develop, through a combination of experience and innovative design, one of the most advanced trading platforms available. It is a market leader in binary options software and is held in very high regard by the largest binary options platforms using its technology. Although other software providers have also incorporated many of the tools and features available on SpotOptions platforms, very few have been able to continue to innovate at the same level. Additionally, the combination of simplicity in its user-friendly design and offering its clients cutting edge solutions to become more profitable makes SpotOptions binary options software very difficult to beat.

Tradologic binary options trading platform

Tradologic claims to be the world’s leading provider of binary options. Although it does not provide binary options software to as many of the top binary options websites as SpotOption, it has got some very commendable features. Tradologic has invested heavily in trying to make the end-user experience both as simple and effective as possible. It is an incredibly slick platform to trade which has been designed to ensure that traders can navigate markets and features with confidence. Its leading feature is the design itself and, not only does it look good, but the binary options platform incorporates several aesthetic features such as the ability to view markets in a matrix, similar to those found in bingo, so with one glance the trader can select a trade.The binary options platform itself incorporates several innovative features which are, again, primarily related to layout and user-experience. This includes the ability to execute multiple deals simultaneously within one trading window. This feature is similar to those found in spread betting which creates multi-ticketing to rapidly switch between trades and markets. Tradologic arguably has a focus on short-term and fast-action traders as its target market. The evidence for this is that it has geared many of its trading and interface features towards enhancing the speed and efficiency that traders can move around the platform rather than developing any outstanding tools.Whilst the SpotOption binary options platform supports fast trading equally, it is evident that it is highly influential in terms of the features that it has produced and which are also found on the Tradologic binary options platform including Double-up, Extend and also close-early features. However, for those looking for innovative features the platform tends to incorporate these slightly slower than some of the other leading binary options platform providers. The omission of a decent charting package also means that it may not be entirely suitable for technical trading without using 3rd party charts, however, its innovative mobile trading applications allow for reliable binary options trading on the move.

Tradesmarter binary options trading platform

The Tradesmarter binary options trading platform is similar to SpotOption in that it has been around since 2008 and is one of the most experienced binary options software providers available. As a platform operated by Market Punter Ltd it incorporates all of the features of a standard binary options trading platform and is accredited with being a high quality and good for beginners. One of the most impressive features of the platform is the extensive educational material and list of frequently asked questions which is very useful. Additionally, one feature which it provides is that traders can assert their preference on whether they want to trade with the Box View screen or List View. Similar to the SpotOption binary options platform, it offers a comprehensive charting package which makes it stand out against some of its other competitors. Many traders have also commended the trading platform for incorporating a heat-map facility which shows the popularity of an asset being traded and can assist in making decisions in contention with market sentiment.The platform provided by Tradesmarter binary options software is both clear and straightforward to navigate. It includes many of the standard features and variety of binary options which are widely available on other platforms. Although it is not yet regulated it is pending regulation in Cyprus where the company is based. This will make the platform attractive to traders as many binary options platforms continue to operate outside of national regulation. Similar to Tradologic and SpotOption platforms, the design and layout allow for it to be easily accessible to new traders. In addition to this, the outstanding educational resources and available live chat support feature are clearly an incentive to those who want to learn to trade and the platform shows a strong dedication to novice traders.

TechFinancials binary options software

From the outset, TechFinancials claims to provide simplified trading concepts to the ‘mass market’. This suggests that the company, which previously specialised in IT solutions, are targeting ease of use and entry-level traders through their clean and welcoming trading platform. As a result, TechFinancials arguably has one of the most attractive interfaces and prides itself on maintaining a clean, clutter-free trading environment for new traders. It also maintains a constant 3 step instructions list which applies to all of the types of binary options that they provide and which is very helpful again for those with less binary options experience.TechFinancials software includes the features found on most of the major trading platforms as provided by SpotOption. However, it has also notably included the ability to trade ‘Boundary Options’ within its options platform. This feature allows traders to specify a price range within which price will remain at the time of expiry and is often referred to as range trading. For the new traders that TechFinancials are aiming their binary options trading platform, these are more complicated options but it does demonstrate a willingness to include more experienced traders through the provision of these features. The lack of a quality charting package, however, makes it difficult for experienced traders to choose this over platforms using the SpotOption software.

MarketPulse binary options trading software

MarketPulse provide three services which constitute its binary options software solutions. From the brokers perspective the first two elements of this are an administrative and incorporation service and the third is their binary options trading platform. MarketPulse has established a name as an innovative platform provider as it became the first to develop a mobile trading app and has swiftly followed this by being the first to offer an HTML5 tablet format. MarketPulse was also the third platform to integrate binary options in to the MT4 platform following the innovative move by SpotOption. It can therefore be considered not only on of the most progressive binary options trading software providers but also one which is ambitious.The interface is perhaps not as modern as that provided by TechFinancials but it offers several strong features which will appeal to new traders such as larger charting and an effective mobile trading platform. MarketPulse platforms do not offer the diversity of the trading tools that some other platforms provide, although they do provide Range and One Touch options alongside the regular binary options.MarketPulse offer their web-based platform with functionality in mind. The platforms are simple to navigate and designed to work with all browsers and across all major devices including handheld computers and mobile devices. Despite its limitations in terms of tools, the options platform provides a reliable choice fo new traders.

Conclusion for binary options trading software

Binary options trading software has come a long way in recent years and is constantly innovating to meet the demands of traders. Given the growing popularity of binary options, it is clear that those binary options trading platforms with a proven track record and history of successfully meeting the requirements of its clients are leading these developments. The very fact that binary options software providers such as SpotOption continue to innovate and remain one step of its competitors, providing the trading platforms of many of the leading binary options brokers, is a testament to this. Although many platforms offer slightly different features, dynamic trading tools such as One Touch, 60 second trading, roll over and Double-up features are being included on almost all trading platforms.Binary options software providers face stiff competition which is pushing innovation and improving the quality of tools and features available to traders. Many platforms without reasonable quality charting packages and those which don’t cater for new traders find themselves struggling to keep up with this competition. Large and successful platform providers such as SpotOption are considered the outright leader and continue to grow as high-profile platforms adopt their software. Not only is SpotOption the longest standing and most widely-recognised company but they have the additional benefit of being nationally regulated which makes it a much more attractive proposition for those platforms incorporating the software and which is why use it.

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