Finding the Best Binary Options Trading Websites & Services

Knowing that you want to get started with binary option trading can be exciting. Before you jump into the unknown, there is a lot of research you need to carry out. Part of this is discovering not only how to make the best returns from binary trading, but also how to do it.

Choosing the Best Binary Options Services

As trading in this way has become more popular across the world, the number of websites and brokers offering services and assistance in binary option trading has increased. While this means there are more opportunities within the market, it also means there is more pre-research and analysis to be done by investors so they know they are dealing only with the best binary options trading websites.Binary option trading has gained popularity because it is reasonably easy to get started with, and because investors do not need large volumes of money to get started.Just like when you open a bank account, you want to be sure you are putting your money towards the best binary option website, hence the need to carry out as much detailed research as possible. Finding the best site to trade binary options on in such a crowded market is difficult, but not impossible.Consider the following points:

  • Especially if you are a novice, the simpler the user interface on the platform, the better. The best binary options trading websites will make it easy for you to trade. Be on the lookout for easily accessible, web-based platforms that do not require you to download anything to get started and use. This enables you to access your binary options account wherever you are, whenever you want to.
  • Diversity of investment opportunities is another key factor. If you want to try currencies, commodities and stocks, finding a binary broker that only allows you to invest in foreign exchange markets is pointless.
  • Some of the best binary options trading websites offer excellent bonuses to investors. Look for bonus deals in the 10 – 25% region. You will find some websites offering 50%, but this will often only be on the first handful of trades rather than a lifetime deal.

Binary Options Trading in 2013

It is easier than ever to get involved with binary options trading. There has been a great deal of press coverage dedicated to these markets. Generally, the overwhelming view of those who get involved with binary options trading is that it provides an accessible, intuitive gateway to online investment markets. There is also a belief that it is much easier to get involved with binary options trading than it is to begin exploring a dedicated foreign exchange or spread betting platform, for example.The best binary option websites can generate up to a 500% return on investment. With Bank of Trade, this is possible by taking out the one touch binary option, which is available at weekends.This type of trading is only going to continue to grow in popularity throughout 2014 and beyond, so getting on board and discovering the best site to trade binary options at now means investors can become familiar with what it involves and start enjoying personal financial success.

Finding the Best Options Account

Searching the internet for the best options account is likely to bring you into contact with several websites, both that are directly involved with binary trading and that act as review sites.To find the best account for you, you should put a three-step thought process into place.

1. What Do You Want to Achieve?

What is your motivation for trying to find the best binary trading platform? You might be looking for an introduction to the binary markets simply to learn whether this type of trading is for you, or you might be looking for an accessible platform where you can easily set your trades and work with reasonably small sums of money.Similarly, you might be a serious investor who sees finding the best binary option trading platform as a big opportunity to increase wealth and prosperity. Think about what you want; Bank of Trade’s platform is ideal for both the novice and the serious, experienced investor.

2. Where do you want to Trade?

This is an important question to ask yourself, although it will not worry novice investors too much. If you are new to investing, or to binary trading specifically, you will want to know a little about commodities, foreign exchange, and the other markets you could be trading on. Your research might help you to discover which one you have a particular interest in, or uncover where the big wealth creation opportunity is for you.

3. What Assistance is on Offer?

Novice investors will find the best binary options website is the one that is filled with tutorials and has live chat options 24/7, while experienced individuals will want to be left alone to get on with trading.Whatever level you are at, it is worth finding an options account that has help available around the clock. Even if you are confident in your trading, the last thing you want is an account glitch to have a serious impact on your investment earnings.

Finding the Best Binary Options Site

Finding the best options site involves taking everything you have read, researched, and analysed so far, and putting it all together to see which trading website ticks the most boxes, so to speak. The reality is that there are so many binary options websites available that, if you are passionate about getting started with options trading, you will find one that meets your needs. Most sites understand that people have different needs and levels of investment knowledge and experience, and cater for this in what they offer.Consider the following steps to help you find the best binary trading options website for you:

  • Read as much financial literature as you can. If you read the newspaper on the way to work, for example, the finance pages are an excellent resource that will usually have some detail about binary trading each day. The same applies to being online. As well as this article, there is a wealth of information available here at Bank of Trade that will educate you about binary options trading.
  • Discover binary options review websites, but make sure they are not sponsored, or owned, by a binary trading site or a broker!

When you find a website, look at where they are based. The best binary options trading sites will be global, available in multiple languages with support functions around the world. If you do not find a binary trading site that fulfils this criterion, consider looking for one based in your own country, so that getting any support you need is as easy as possible.

Choosing Accessible Binary Options Trading Platforms

Individuals with experience of financial websites will know that they have a tendency, at times, to overcomplicate things. As binary options trading is a relatively new trend, it therefore makes no sense for such platforms to be in the image of these difficult to understand, navigate, and use websites.The best binary trading platforms all have one thing in common: they keep it simple. This allows investors to focus on the key data related to their trades and not be distracted into making a mistake or misinterpreting a financial chart or graph they have had presented to them.You know better than anyone whether you think a platform is good enough for you to use. While review websites and reading financial literature will give you a better grounding in binary trading and reading finance charts, your own intuition will tell you if something is accessible the first time you look at it. The best binary options trading sites will all have screenshots and video available of their trading platform, while some even provide a “live demo” for would-be investors and account holders to try it out for themselves.No matter how good a binary options website looks, you should ensure there are tutorials and walkthroughs available that help you at every stage of the process. Ideally, you want to be using an intuitive website where boxes pop up and show you what to do to make it as easy for investors of all levels of experience to use when trading binary options.

Identifying the Best Binary Options Brokers

For investors that are interested in binary options but do not want to learn about using binary trading software, there is always the option of finding a broker. Once again, the expanding market and opportunities to practice binary trading means there are inflated numbers of brokers available to use, and finding the best binary options trader certainly presents a challenge.What should you look for in a binary options broker?

  • As with any investment, you want to be able to diversify income opportunities as much as possible. To enjoy binary options’ best returns, investors should look for brokers that offer a wide selection of market assets. Find a broker with expertise in each area. Anyone can say they have experience of foreign exchange and commodities trading, but are they good at it?
  • Leading brokers will allow, even encourage, you to make a small investment at the beginning so that you can get started without feeling like you are taking too much of a risk. In fact, the best top-level brokers will only allow you to make a small initial investment so that you are not putting yourself in an unnecessarily risky position.
  • A good broker will have a flexible working approach so that you are not locked into a long-term contract if you are unsure about binary trading. Look for investor-friendly brokers who work for small fees or commissions and might refund a small percentage of your investment should you make a loss.

Flexibility is the biggest positive characteristic you can find in a broker. Investors will get more from binary trading if they are able to enjoy a great relationship with a broker. The best options brokers will be outwardly investor-friendly when it comes to everything from flexible contracts to fair commissions and even offer bonuses for successful investments.Find a great broker by looking for those interested in you, your objectives, and provide advice and guidance rather than those who simply want to know when you are making your next deposit.

Binary Options vs. Regular Trading

Binary options trading is much simpler than regular trading. This is because binary trading is an ‘all or nothing’ type of investment. In comparison, regular trading involves the buying of commodities, foreign currency, or whatever it is an investor is interested in, and sees variable returns, depending on how much fluctuation there is from the starting price.Leading websites and brokers should explain this to you as simply as that. Binary options trading is only as complicated as investors choose to make it for themselves, or as complicated as websites try to make it so binary trading looks like something it is not.Due to the simple nature of binary trading, novice investors find it easier to manage their money and they always know where they are. The better websites are much easier to understand and use than even a simple piece of regular trading software.

How to Trade Binary Options Successfully

While the opportunities available from finding the best websites, account offers, and brokers are numerous, like any investment, one has to acknowledge the potential for losses. ‘You win some, you lose some’ is certainly a phrase that can be applied to any financial trading scenario. It is also true that the smart investor is a successful investor, and thus minimises losses when they do occur at the result of greater profit.Everyone has read the stories about investors and traders who lost thousands in currency before they turned it around and started being profitable. The reality is that most investors today cannot afford to go through such a chain of events. By knowing what you need to do to succeed and by sticking diligently to these traits, you will give yourself every chance of success.

Know the Markets you are Trading In

The binary markets are as fast moving as others are around the world, so making the most of the best binary option services means knowing exactly what is happening both in the binary trading world as well as in whatever markets you are trading in.Forget the biggest financial myth of all that says traders sit in the bar or in the beach and simply check their laptop every few hours. For successful investments, you need to know the world you are looking to exploit.

Think Fast

If you have sought out the best binary options trader instead of doing it yourself, then this will not matter to you. It is also true to say it will take time for you to become adept at thinking on your feet when tackling the binary options markets. To become more confident in this respect, keep notes, mental or otherwise, of trends and signals you notice in the market. Over time, you will find you make binary options trading decisions without thinking about it.


Emotion is not as big a barrier in binary options trading as is might be with other platforms, simply because you either succeed or you do not. When dealing with binary options you are not keeping hold of a commodity, for example, as the price continues to drop in the hope it will turn into profit. Keep it in mind that emotion might start to influence your decision making, however, and learn how to take yourself out of trading situations when this happens.

Conclusions: Finding the Best Binary Option Service

You now have a full ‘toolkit’ that you can use to move forward and make a success of your involvement with binary options trading. Once you have decided that binary options trading is something you wish to explore, the next step is to think about whether you want to find a great account and platform to get started yourself, or whether it is worth finding the best binary options trader for your objectives.At this stage, you have everything you need to research thoroughly and enjoy your binary options best returns by using the services best suited to you. At Bank of Trade, we offer the best of all the services and functions explored here, and can provide investors with the platform they need to enjoy the most lucrative possible successes with binary options trading.

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